Friday October 31 , 2014
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Restructured, Recoded ... RokNavMenu


Fusion Menu

RokNavMenu, the core application of our menu, has been completely recoded, to provide a foundation for even more complex and advanced menu systems.

Fusion is effectively a dropdown menu which combines the former RokMoomenu and Suckerfish systems into one, offering both a javascript enhanced and basic, simple dropdown modes. The menu itself is built on the rewritten core of the latest revision of RokNavMenu, the core application behind all RocketTheme menus.

Fusion offers a series of new abilities ranging from Menu Icons, Subtext support and much greater controls over the Multiple Column ability for dropdowns.

Menu Modes: Fusion Menu - SplitMenu - No Menu
New Menu Features
  • SubText
  • Menu Icons
  • Multi-Columns
  • Smoother Animation
  • Better Highlighting

Simple, Swift and Extensive Style Control


Ultimate Control

Nexus has been constructed with style versatility and flexibility at its heart. Each division of the theme can be individually configured for either light or dark, in addition to selecting a colour scheme from an array of 10 colours.

All these can be easily configured from the template parameters, located at Extensions → Template Manager → rt_nexus_j15.

Control the following elements:
  • Header Style
  • Body Style
  • Showcase Style
  • Primary Style
  • Footer Style

Inactive Module

You should publish modules to the "inactive" position and set the Menus to "All", for them to show up on pages where there is no active menu ID. This is a bug/feature of Joomla that causes only menu items in the "All" setting to show up.